Sunday, March 13, 2011


Most of you who know me know that i should be in a bubble... im ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS sick, allergic to something around me, i carry an Epi-pen, my nightly medication routine for my ailments could almost pass for a pharmacy minus the narcotics and crazy medicine... im a mess.... so it comes as no surprise that i have G.E.R.D, Gastroesphogeal Reflux Disease & HEARTBURN!  Thanks mom, grandma, and my oldest sister Brandi for passing that fine gene on down to me! ;) so like the above people i finally gave in and went to see a Gastroenterologist. He told me that after an EGD i might be a good candidate for a surgery so that i wouldn't be on medication for the rest of my life... so i had the EGD, and they inserted a PHbravo monitor in my esophogus.... surprisingly i didn't not have a hiatal hernia and the whole time i wore that stinkin monitor my GERD and Heartburn seemed to disappear... funny how that is always the case.... but as we speak my throat is on fire and nothing is working, im still off my meds, my doc hasn't called back and im tired and hungry and this stinks.... all that said i do know what is causing all this heartburn .... litteral HEARTburn aka STRESS & WORRY!

God tells us not to worry about anything, instead pray about everything and believe me i do my fair share of praying, but im really working on this worrying thing... between custody issues, trial court for Ashley, school, finances, missing my husband, missing my friends and family, im again a huge mess.... but you can bet im praying.... and hoping you who are reading this will pray for me too.... now I won't know what the doc tells me until the morning, or how things are going to go in either court, but i do KNOW that i can rely on God's promise to be with me no matter the outcome and that it is all in His perfect plan... & i can start changing my daily habits to help relieve some of that stress while preparing for things i MUST get ready for.... like working out... so starting at 0830 im putting on my new bathingsuit and heading up to Fit & Wise to do a little water working out, and i can stop eating so late, i can stop eating things that affect my GERD...for example Casa Torres Hot Sauce all throughout the day, i can cut out greasy foods, sour or powdery candy, Carbonated Drinks (this will be hard).... all of these things will im sure get me "summer ready," better able to pass my PFT, better nights sleep, more energy, a healthy body to help produce a health baby (#1 reason), and make me happy...God will handle the rest... Im certain... while litterally my chest and esophogus feel as if the devil brought me a present from the underworld (fire), I know God will extinguish it when i let Him take control over what i can't control and fix the things i can...

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