Saturday, March 26, 2011

Danielle N. Manetta D.D.S... All in God's Timing

Well today I was truly blessed to be invited to go with my nephew and sister-in-law to go to the TCU bookstore and tour the TCU campus (on our own). Now my nephew is going to be in the 7th grade next year, but we are getting a jumpstart on showing him that his DREAM is possible if he applies himself. While I know this trip was about Kaleb, I became very motivated about my future as well....
Most of you that know me know that I really wasn't a big fan of school... well maybe just the work part, hence me withdrawing from classes early, not going to classes, and then altogether dropping out of school and joining the Marine Corps.... but NOW is a totally different story!

I will be honest and say that most of the time i based my school choices around a boy (the ones i was dating at the time of attending school). First I moved to Arlington, TX to attend UTA (which i loved!) but moved home to be closer to Ashley, in hindsight, it was the best decision I ever made because it allowed me so much more time with him, time that I cherish everyday... the second time i tried to attend school i was too worried about the boy i was dating and what he was doing to even make it thru the semester....lame! All that led me to join the USMC, meet my husband, and allowed me to go back to school with an amazing support system (my husband, my daughter, & my Ollie). I, at first wanted to settle and do the easiest thing i could, but nope.... my husband believes in pushing me to my greatest, in living up to his strong Italian Name... in being a MANETTA... and he asked me what i really wanted to be.... I said an Orthodontist... & he said go for it! He joking can't wait until I become his sugar mama...;) So im working on my undergraduate stuff, trying to get it together.......One Problem with all of that greatness.... I HAVE SO MUCH THAT I WANT TO DO!!!!!

Is it possible to help raise a 3 year old lil angel, get my Bachelors, have a baby, and attend Dental School for 4 years? And then there is the possible deployment next year..... All in God's timing... His perfect plan and i'll have to wait and see what that is.... Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything! :)

I know God has a perfect plan for me, one day at a time, i have HUGE dreams, and if He allows me to do all that above He will be right there with me.... & what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

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